Saturday, October 1, 12:00 noon – YASO GIN 2022 Sales start!

Thank you very much for your patronage of our craft gin brand “YASO”.
Saturday, October 1 is the release date of “YASO GIN 2022”!

It is now a cool and crisp autumn season, and the clear blue sky reminds us of the autumn season.
How about the green aroma of YASO GIN 2022 for that season!

We hope you will enjoy the aromatic and clear taste of YASO Botanicals on your holidays or when you are relaxing under the clear blue sky.

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mugwort、turmeric、fish mint、lotus leaf、chinese ginseng、andrographis paniculata、St. John’s wort、kuma bamboo grass、dandelion root、ganoderma lucidum、five-leaf ginseng、eucommia leaf、chinese plantain、licorice、pine leaves、Nandina leaves、solomon’s seal、asiatic dayflower、new zealand spinach、maca、eurycoma longifolia、senna occidentalis、job’s tears、field horsetail、loquat leaves、luo han guo、goji berry、alehoof、peach leaf、ginkgo leaf、japanese honeysuckle、fig leaf、safflower、siberian ginseng、Isodon Japonicus、nalta jute、japanese red elder、japanese mallotus、matrimony vine leaf、persimmon leaf、german chamomile、chinese quince、perilla leaf、mulberry leaf、nikko maple、panax pseudoginseng、platycodon root、jujube、salacia、silvervine、sicklepod seeds、red ginseng、almond mushroom、rooibos、amla fruit、onion skin、Cat’s Claw

japanese apricot、kumquat、fig tree、mandarine orange、apple、grape、melon、lemon、grapefruit、Apricot

chile pepper、ginger、shiitake、carrot、onion、parsley、cabbage、burdock、bean sprouts、garlic

sea kelp、endocladiaceae

[Botanical]80 types (YASO SPIRITS)+70 types
juniper berry、bergamot(Skin / Fruit)、rose pink petal、rosemary、yoneyama angelica acutiloba、holy basil、coriander seed、angelica root、pink pepper、caraway、thyme、licorice、fennel seed、common sage、cinnamon、root ginger、cardamom、kapoor holy basil、fresh calaminza、fresh spearmint、fresh cinnamon basil、fresh sweet basil、fresh oregano greek cleopatra、fresh mentha japonica、fresh marjoram、fresh strawberry mint、fresh orange mint、fresh swiss mint、fresh hairy mountain mint、fresh rose geranium、fresh mint shrub、fresh lemon scented verbena、fresh sweet basil、fresh roman chamomile、fresh french thyme、fresh silver thyme、fresh cat mint、fresh mountain mint、fresh genovese basil、fresh monarda citriodora、fresh basil napoletano、fresh bush basil、fresh japanese mint、fresh lemon thyme、fresh oregano、fresh common Sage、fresh lemon basil、fresh oregano greek、fresh cymbopogon citratus、fresh tagetes lucida、fresh rosalina、fresh tea tree、fresh bergamot、fresh pepper mint、fresh holy basil(krishna)、fresh holy basil(tulsi)、fresh orange balsam thymus、fresh lemon balm、fresh dog rose、fresh myrtle、fresh pineapple sage、fresh lemon tea tree、
fresh Nettle、fresh roselle、fresh rosemary majorca pink、fresh rosemary tuscan blue、fresh collingwood ingram rosemary、fresh rosemary prostratus、fresh rosemary sissinghurst blue 、fresh white micromeria

Content: 700ml
Alcohol: 41%.

・Drinking alcohol under the age of 20 is prohibited by law.
・We do not sell alcoholic beverages to persons under 20 years of age.
・Drinking alcohol during pregnancy or lactation may affect the development of the fetus or infant.