Your privacy is important to us, we make sure that we will only use your data properly, and it is the social responsibility to secure your data. We wish you to provide you with the best service and we store your data securely with full dissemination to all executives and employees.

Privacy Politics to collect, use and offer your personal data

(1)definition of personal data
We define personal data as all the information with which people can identify a specific person.

(2)how to collect, use and offer your personal data
If we collect and use personal data, we do this with prior notice and your agreement within the necessary scope.

(3)entrustment of personal data processing
We never entrust won’t entrust your personal data.

(4)brokerage of personal data processing
If we brokerage personal data, we keep personal data securely, use it within the scope of the contract.

2. Proper management of personal data.

We will strive to prevent tampering, losing and leaking of the personal data stored in our company, and strictly manage it.

3. Laws and regulations compliance

We comply with the laws and other regulations applied for protection and handling of personal data.

4. Internal system to protect personal data

We maintain our internal system to protect personal data, and review the system to keep personal data accurate and updated.

Handling of your personal data

1. purpose of personal data use

We could ask you to provide your personal data such as name, address, telephone number, birth date, credit card information and so on.
We use personal data for the following purposes:

① to deliver you goods, catalogues, DMs and Emails, or to inform you about goods or services
② to complete your order or query about our products or services

2. Collecting personal data and agreement to use your data

We collect your personal data with appropriate and fair means in accordance with the law
We will regard that you agree to the preceding paragraph of handling personal data if you cvoluntarilly provide your personal data in the following case:

①you submit your personal data by filling out the mail form on the Website
②you send your personal data with the means such as telephone, mail,FAX and Email,or filling out your personal data in the store
③you provide your personal data to order the repair request

3. Providing personal data

We don’t disclose your personal data to any third party without your agreement except when the disclosure is demanded by laws and regulations.

4. disclosure, correction and deletion of your personal

Please let us know if you will disclose, correct or delete your personal data you provide. We will deal with it as soon as we verify your ID.

5. Use and provision suspension of personal data

We quickly stop using personal data at our company, with your ID verified, if you request to stop providing your personal data

6. Opinions and complaints about our handling of personal data

Please contact our inquiry desk if you have any opinions or complaints about this matter.
We will rapidly deal with it after checking the details and replying to you.