New! YASO “Botanical Syrup BUTTERFLY PEA” will be available in limited quantities starting Saturday, June 11!

YASO Syrup’s newest product is the Butterfly Pea mint syrup.

Since the syrup is made by YASO, we developed the recipe after many prototypes to give it a herb and spice flavor.

The fresh blue image of butterfly peas and the cool syrup with spearmint are the result.

In addition to mint, lemongrass, cardamom, fennel, and bergamot leaf are added, and a pinch of Sado salt is added to finish. The result is a refreshing and slightly salty syrup perfect for summer.

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Just by mixing it with carbonated water, it becomes a refreshing drink with a minty aroma.
Add lemon juice and enjoy the bright pink color.
Or pour it in two layers with milk and enjoy a latte drink that looks like a cloud floating in the summer sky.
If the water in which the syrup is dissolved is used as ice in a clear drink with a sour taste, the blue color of the ice and the reddish hue as it dissolves make a beautiful, special drink that can be enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere.

Contents: 300ml