YASO, Niigata’s Echigo Yakuso Craft Gin Brand, Wins Double Gold Award for YASOGIN2022 & YASOGIN100 at TWSC2022, Asia’s Largest Alcoholic Beverage Competition!

YASO GIN 2022 & YASO GIN 100 produced by Echigo Yakuso Co., Ltd. won the Gold Award at the Tokyo Whiskey & Spirits Competition (TWSC 2022), one of the largest whiskey and spirits competitions in Asia!

Gold Prize in the Western Wine category 『YASO GIN 2022』

Product name:Yaso Gin 2022

【feature】The distillation process was devised to achieve a clear, light mouthfeel, and juniper berries and spices were lightly crushed by hand to enhance the aroma while increasing the filtering process to achieve a clear, transparent flavor.

Gold Prize in the Western Wine category 『YASO GIN 100』

Product name:Yaso Gin 100

【feature】Based on the concept of herbs and flowers, lavender, chamomile, jasmine, and rose were used as botanicals, and the proportions were adjusted and distilled so that the gorgeous fragrance would spread.

Products that won awards in the Western Wine category at the same time

In addition to the Gold Award-winning YASO GIN 2022 & YASO GIN 100, we also won the Silver Award (2 products) in the Western Sake category.

■YASO Absinthe Prototype 03
YASO SPIRITS is a liquor made by macerating fresh spearmint, shiso leaves, and rosemary in absinthe, which is made by distilling YASO SPIRITS with wild herbs such as nigger wormwood, aniseed, and star anise.
The spearmint, shiso leaves, and rosemary used in the maceration process are pesticide-free and grown in Myoko, Niigata Prefecture.
In addition to the fresh and invigorating aroma, the liquid color is characterized by the natural tint derived from botanical ingredients.
The change to a milky white color has been improved to achieve an ideal rise.

The fresh lemongrass aroma of the rare Maqaw and the fresh, whole, domestic, pesticide-free lemon botanicals give the product the flavor of a fresh lemon.

【What is the Tokyo Whiskey & Spirits Competition?】

○One of the largest in Asia and the only one in Japan
It is the only whisky, spirits and shochu fair in Japan and one of the largest in Asia.
(Cumulative results of all four TWSC)
2,711 bottles on display: 962 whisky bottles, 955 spirits bottles, 794 shochu bottles

○Blind tasting for judging
Blind tastings are judged seriously, without the judges being influenced by extraneous information.

【What is YASO?】

“Spirits”, “Gin”, and “Absinthe” were created by using alcohol produced as a byproduct in the process of manufacturing health foods (enzyme products) made from 80 kinds of wild herbs, and are the one and only alcohol produced by Echigo Yakuso, which has been researching wild herbal enzymes for over 40 years with health as its theme.

We will continue to strive forward with confidence and pride, and we look forward to your continued patronage.