YASO SPIRITS 80 will be renewed deliciously!

Two years after the birth of YASO, “YASO SPIRITS 80,” which was sold year-round, has been renewed.

By changing the distillation method, miscellaneous tastes are reduced and the original taste of “YASO” can now be enjoyed. This spirit has a cool, white rum-like mouthfeel and a soft, wildflower-like aroma behind it.
In addition, by raising the alcohol content to 50 degrees, the flavor and sweetness of “YASO” can be more easily perceived.

Because of its compatibility with citrus fruits, it is easy to enjoy a sour with fruit juice at home by adding grapefruit juice or orange juice and soda water. Also, when “YASO SPIRITS” is used as a base for mojitos instead of rum, the aroma of “YASO SPIRITS” mingles with the mint to create a delicious mojito. We hope you will try our new YASO SPIRITS.

Product name: Yaso Spirits 80
Item: Spirits
Content: 700ml
ALC.: 50%.