Newly released “YASO” first “0.00% non-alcoholic gin

■0.00% non-alcoholic gin” created by YASO, a brand that makes craft gin.

ECHIGOYAKUSO Corporation, which has been producing and selling its craft gin YASO GIN in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, a city of fermentation since 2020, will release its first non-alcoholic gin, NON ALCOHOLIC YASO GIN – Forest Lavender Field.

This is the first non-alcoholic gin with an alcohol content of 0.00% for the YASO brand, born from the desire to let people who do not drink or cannot drink enjoy botanicals in situations where they want to drink but cannot at the moment.

■No alcohol is used and the fragrance is extracted by distilling the plant.

No alcohol is used in the ingredients, and the botanical aroma is extracted with a completely non-alcoholic alcohol content of 0.00%.

Through repeated prototyping and careful selection of the types and blends of ingredients, we have created a product that is highly drinkable even though it does not contain alcohol. We use a reduced-pressure distiller to lower the pressure and distill at low temperatures to maximize the natural aroma of the plants.

The aroma is extracted by distilling plants without using any flavoring agents, so it has the original aroma of plants and a refreshing yet deep taste like a real gin.

■The first flavor is “Lavender Field in the Forest.”

Distillation of juniper berries, which are also used in gin, lavender, lemon, fir tree leaves, cinnamon, thyme, cardamom, and other aromas.

The result is a drink with a refreshing yet calming aroma, like a lavender field spreading out in a forest shrouded in morning mist.

■Simply mix with tonic for a simple non-alcoholic cocktail

Simply mix NON ALCOHOLIC YASO GIN and split ingredients in a ratio of about 1:3-4 to make a simple non-alcoholic drink.

After an activity, after a sauna, or just to relax!

It can be paired with a meal, and since it contains no alcohol, it is ideal for a post-activity drink or after a sauna.
On days when you don’t want to drink alcohol or when relaxing after returning home, how about a drink that soothes your body and mind with a fragrant botanical aroma that reminds you of being in the forest?

【Product Information】

Product name: NON ALCOHOLIC YASO GIN Lavender fields in the forest
Ingredients: juniper berries, lavender, lemon, fir tree leaves, cinnamon, thyme, cardamom, acidifier
Content: 500ml
Alcohol content: 0.00