2023 Limited Ed. 10 “Jupiter Bouquet”

“Can I have a floral gin and tonic?”

Since the beginning of this year, I have often ordered this as my first drink at a bar.

We wanted to bring it out at some point, as we wanted to offer a variety of expressions as a limited edition.

However, it is rare to taste floral elements in daily meals, so I started thinking about drinking floral gins, and each of the gins I received at each bar had its own interpretation, which was very interesting, and when I thought about it, it was a pleasant rather than a troubling emotion. Little by little, my resolution improved, and I began to see a direction, so I decided to give it a try this time.

Smelling the aroma of the stocked ingredients, he develops a more concrete image.

The sweet aroma, heaviness, density, bitterness, and coolness of the fragrance are checked as the formula is developed, and the sweet aroma of the fragrance of the golden osmanthus is the base of this creation.

Marigold tangerium, lavender bergamot, Mexican sweet herb, angelica, myrtle, Japanese light herb, thyme, sage, basil, etc. are placed in a basket around a golden osmanthus core, and are scented and flavored through steam.

This distillate is then blended with a juniper berry distillate, with the concentration of juniper berries to be adjusted to suit the blend, and finally an orange peel distillate is added to balance the top notes.

The use of kinmokusai (a type of Chinese rhinoceros) gives the wine a somewhat Japanese aroma and taste, despite the use of Western herbs.

This gin itself has a sweetness that makes it gorgeous when mixed with soda.

Mix with tonic water for a more honeyed finish.


THE HERBALIST YASO’s Floral Gin 「Jupiter bouquet」