2023 Limited Ed. 08 “Butterfly Pea”

It’s been a while. My name is Yamada, and I will be in charge of this month’s diary.
The rainy season has ended and summer has begun in earnest.
The air is heavy and my body is getting tired easily, but when I think that in the world of “Slam Dunk” they are practicing hard for the Inter-High, I feel motivated from the bottom of my body and I can’t let out a whimper! I can’t let out a whimper!

I know this is off topic, but Limited Edition08 is going to do it again this year! Butterfly Peas!
This year, we have increased the amount of coloring and made the color a little darker than last year.
Last year’s product was a clear blue like the beautiful ocean, but it seemed to lose its color easily, so we made it darker this year.
I added water to the usual distilled juniper and adjusted the volume of water and soaked it.

The blue color came out from the moment we soaked them and it was so beautiful… It was so beautiful that and I had a butterfly pea photo session with the director of the department.
However, the blue color was short-lived, and when I looked at it about an hour later, the color was so dark that I could not even tell the bottom of the container.

I first heard about butterfly peas in Detective CONAN.
After watching the story, I was so shocked by the fact that butterfly peas change color when acidic substances are added to them that I bought butterfly pea tea and drank it at home in vain.
So every time I was making Butterfly Pea Limited last year as well, I think I watched that episode of Conan after I got home.
…I know I keep going off on tangents, but have you all seen the Conan movie this year…?
Personally, I found it very interesting, so please watch it when you have time. I hope that one day a character with the code name “Absinthe” will appear, even if it is in a movie….

This time, the product will be released earlier than usual!
The color tends to fade when exposed to too much light, so please keep it out of the light as much as possible when you buy it. We hope you will feel the coolness of the deep blue color like the deep sea, even if only visually.

Thank you for reading this far. See you soon~ ^ – ^